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Traffic Spyder V. 1 Release:
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Date:  6-15-03

Are you ready to get in the hot seat and kick YOUR site traffic in to over drive?

I was totally amazed when I found out that traffic exchange programs WORK and they bring loads of traffic to my site!!  With the increasingly large amount of traffic exchange programs on the Internet today as a marketer I know and understand that every hit counts - no matter where they came from!  I also know that traffic exchanges are a pain to manage because you have to click on each traffic url separately and then sit at your computer hours at a time just to earn credits.  I run a home business that brings in over $60,000.00 a year in profits so I certainly do not have the time to sit around and view 50 start page urls and click millions of links to earn credits.  Does anyone REALLY have that much time on their hands?

Why even bother with Start page programs if they really ARE a pain in the butt, right? Well throw that misconception out the door now that our latest software has been released!'s latest software release is going to solve the inconveniences that traffic exchanges present to you and provide you with maximum traffic and benefits with just a couple of clicks!  Please do read on to find out exactly how this Hot new software is going to help YOU succeed!

Introducing ..Traffic Spyder V.1 - Traffic Exchange Software!

I created this product for my own personal use because I am a busy web master who understands the benefits of Traffic exchanges but doesn't want the hassles that go along with them.  I sat down at my desk one day totally amazed at what we had created and decided that for the better good I was going to offer this to the masses.  

After asking several web masters if they even use start page traffic exchange programs I was astounded to receive the same answers from almost everyone:  "NO, I don't use them because I don't have the time" Are you in that category? If so, then our software is for you!

Traffic Spyder V.1 will completely and 100% automate your traffic exchanges so that they ALL rotate on your computer from the click of one single file helping you to take back your free time while still cashing in on the rewards of the traffic!!!

  • Easy To USE - Working Traffic Spyder V.1 could never be easier! Just simply copy and paste your start page urls in to the software and it will spit out a script that will rotate all your urls effortlessly!!  In just 3 simple steps you will be able to enjoy the benefits of start page traffic exchanges.
  • Save Function - Not only will Traffic Spyder V. 1 create and spit out the script that you need to use but it will also save it on your computer for easy access!!  Simply double click on the script that it creates and you are off earning traffic completely hassle-free!!!
  • UNLIMITED Start Page Urls - Traffic Spyder V.1 will allow you to enter an unlimited amount of start page urls.  From 1 to 1,000,000,000,000 - no size is too big for it to handle!
  • Upgrades For Life - Our software also comes with lifetime updates absolutely free of charge!  You will never have to pay an upgrade fee here -- once you buy it -- you will own the latest version for life!
  • Make $$ Money! - WE'RE NOT GREEDY LIKE OTHER SOFTWARE RESELLERS! With your purchase today you will also receive Resell Rights absolutely free for this incredible software! Most resellers will only sell you the software...if they do offer resell rights, they are very limited in what you can do AND they charge you TOO much for them! With Traffic Spyder V.1, you will be able to pay for our software /w/ resell rights without breaking your piggy bank!  Make your money back on it with just one sale to your clients! (Master resell rights means that you can transfer the same rights to YOUR clients!)
  • Traffic Exchange Database - Traffic Spyder V.1 comes with a compiled listing of the hottest traffic exchange programs available on the Internet today ready for you to use! Simply scroll through our list and join each one then program the urls supplied to you in the software and start brining in the traffic!
  • Instruction Manual - We're not selling software here that is going to be a shot-in-the-dark for you or hard to use and understand.  It is so simple --you will be amazed!  In case you should need further instructions all buyers will be given a complete instruction manual explaining how to use the software step by step so that there is no guessing on your part at all!

With your purchase of Traffic Spyder V.1 today you will be able to gain the insider advantage over the competition by bringing targeted web site visitors to your site by the masses!  You can be off and running and only a matter of seconds and it couldn't be easier.  The fact of the matter is Start page programs DO work -- they DO bring you visitors for every web page that you view in return!  With Traffic Spyder V. 1 you have the "Cheat Key" to get the traffic without having to actually view the sites!!  Could you ask for anything more?

It's time that the average web master take back their free time!

Traffic Spyder V. 1  will allow YOU to use Start Page Traffic memberships more efficiently. This software takes the urls of your start page programs and will write, create and save them into a start up page itself on your computer. With just one click of the mouse you can rotate EVERY start page url that you own and earn credits without even having to look at the pages!  

So How much will it cost?  Honestly, it's going to cost you a small drop in the bucket compared to the exposure and possible profits that you will receive in return. Please check out the screen shot below and then continue on to find out the KILLER deal I have planned for you!

(Screen Shot - See for yourself how easy the software is to use below!)


Here's What You'll Receive with Your Order Today

  • The Traffic Spyder Software Package
  • Traffic exchange database of over 50 programs that can be used with our software.
  • Full Master Resell Rights
  • Easy to understand Instruction manual
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Lifetime Upgrades to the Software


100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after you have downloaded and used the Traffic Spyder V.1 software, you decide that it not only will save you time ,money and improve your profits, you can return it within 15 days for a prompt 100% refund! Now that's more than a guarantee, that's a promise!

Order Tonight Before Midnight and Receive The Following Free Bonus:

Free Bonus Gift ($197.00 Value) MASTER RESELL LICENSE With your purchase today you will receive Master Resell Rights absolutely free for this incredible software! Most resellers will only sell you the software...if they do offer resell rights, they are very limited in what you can do AND they charge you TOO much for them! With Traffic Spyder V. 1, you will be able to pay for our software /w/ MASTER resell rights without breaking your piggy bank! Make your money back on it with just one sale to your clients! (Master resell rights means that you can transfer the same rights to YOUR clients!)


- Master Resell Rights Package -

With the Master resell rights package you get :
  • The Pre-Made Sales Letter & Graphics
  • The Order Thank You Page
  • The Rights To Sell The Software And Keep All The Cash PLUS pass the same rights on to your clients!

All For Only : $97.00
Only $29.00!


I have chosen the pricing structure because I know and understand the limited budgets most online entrepreneurs are dealing with. I'm not here to rob you of your hard earned profits - I am simply asking a price to cover my development time!   People call me crazy because I am not charging you what I have spent for it!  As I said earlier, most software resellers are greedy and require you to purchase the product at an outrageous price PLUS pay an extra price for resell rights. Not here! We are only asking $29.00 per product and master resell license!

I urge you to purchase the Traffic Spyder V. 1 software package today to ensure the future of your online activities. It doesn't matter rather you are an eZine publisher, the average marketer, a business owner or a webmaster -- you need to have this product at your side to bring in effortless traffic 24 hours a day!






Best of Success,


P.S.- Improve your sales today before it's too late! Remember that this software is brand new, never been circulated before! Purchase your copy today before the masses do and make 100% of the money from any sales that you make!

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