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Automate Your Start Pages!

Start pages are becoming  an extremly popular form of generating website  traffic.  The concept is simple.  You agree to view and click on displayed websites in exchange for your  website being put into the network for others to view. You recieve traffic simply by viewing other peoples websites ... You simply Surf for Hitz!

Now there is not need to be clicking away all day... let  eZy Auto Hitz do it for you!

You can enter an UNLIMITED amount of start pages, limit the number of times a choosen page is opened, open pages randomly, upload lists of start pages, and much more!

eZy Auto Hitz features...

  • Add as many start pages as you want
  • Limit how many times that start page is opened
  • Opens them randomly so hard to trace
  • Save and load lists of auto hitz pages
  • Many more great features!
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