Software that will check YOUR ads for the trigger words that set off spam filters!

I like the way Filter Buster lets me check my ads for the filter triggers that send them to the trash can. Before, I have had to go and check each word on a list against what I have saved about trigger words. Filter Buster has saved me a lot of time, and now my sales letters are sure to actually get read by more poeople becuse they will not get trashed as spam. Filter Buster was a great investment, Thank SDT!

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Date: 6-30-03
From: Michelle - SDT Amin.

I was totally amazed when I found out that simple words in my eMail messages were setting off spam filters! Did you know that words such as "free", "remove", "subscribe", and "click here" are all words that could set off spam filters? They are! With the increasingly large amount of spam messages being sent on the Information Super Highway today...ISP's have deemed spam filtering a necessity for both their services and the normal eMail user. This affects those of us who run legitamate businesses and own a client mailing list of our own.

Whether you know about it or not ISP spam filters are ruining your business by not allowing your eMail messages to be sent to your clients simply because of silly words that ANYONE would write in normal conversations!

Re-Introducing ..Filter Buster - Ad Checking Software!

Version 2 Is NOW HERE! 

I created this product because for my own personal use because I witness everyday the negative effects of having your eMail messages filtered simply because of a few trigger words.  I wanted to package it up and offer it to my clients and subscribers so that they too can enjoy the benefits of Filter Buster - so that is what I have done!

Businesses often depend on their past client databases to gain repeat sales and to ultimately keep their business on track..but how can that be done when so many list managers do not know the trigger words that are preventing their emails from reaching clients?

Filter Buster V. 2 will help you find the trigger words within your eMail ads so that they CAN reach the reader!

Filter Buster core features:

  • Easy Copy -n- Paste Function - Working Filter Buster can never be eaiser! Just simply copy and paste any ad or message that you would like to check and click the Check Ad button - the trigger words will be highlighted and from there can be replaced with a couple of clicks! That's all there is to it!
  • Improved!  Easy Find and Replace Function - After highliting the words in your ad that will set off the spam filters you can use the find and replace system which will find every occurrence of the offending word and replace it with a word of your choice!
  • Improved!  Comprehensive Spam Word Database - We have searched the net and talked to experts in the field to ensure that you have the most up-to-date trigger word database possible! We have included every trigger word that could possibly set off filters -- A MIXTURE OF OVER 800 WORDS AND PHRASES!
  • Customizable Word Database - Filter Buster comes with a comprehensive pre-loaded trigger word list (over 800 words) that can be edited at any time by the user. If  2 years down the road you find more words that set off spam filters - you can simply open the list and add them so that the software doesn't ever go out of date!
  • Add-On Link List - Also riding along with the software is a completely editable link list that will show up inside of the software itself.  Add your links and pass it on to your clients for viral marketing results that could quite possibly be amazing!
  • Improved!   Easy To Use - Just copy and paste your ad or message in the software and click the designated button. Easy to view alert box will HIGHLIGHT the trigger words in RED BOLD LETTERS easily showing you which words in your message will set off spam filters.
  • Save $$ and Improve Sales - By checking each ad that you send with Filter Buster you will be saving time and money right off the bat! Imagine sending messages that actually go to the designated reader - guaranteed! With Filter Buster your messages will not be automatically sent to the trash can by ISP filtering programs!
  • Make $$ Money! - WE'RE NOT GREEDY LIKE OTHER SOFTWARE RESELLERS! With your purchase today you will also receive Master Resell Rights absolutely free for this incredible software! Most resellers will only sell you the software...if they do offer resell rights, they are very limited in what you can do AND they charge you TOO much for them! With Filter Buster, you will be able to pay for our software /w/ MASTER resell rights without breaking your piggy bank! Make your money back on it with just one sale! (Master resell rights means that you can transfer the same rights to YOUR clients!)


WOW!  I can't tell you how much I LOVE the pro version of Filter Buster!  You literally put everything I need to market my products in one software package.  I can now create order-pulling hypnotic ads AND then check them for trigger words!  I would recommend the PRO version of Filter Buster to absolutely anyone -- a definate thumbs up from a very satisfied customer!

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With your purchase of Filter Buster V. 2 today you will be able to gain the inside advantage over the competition by checking each message that you send to your mailing list and guaranteeing it's arrival!  You can improve your sales starting with the very 1st ad that you check! Or, if you are an eZine publisher or advertiser you can improve your client's click through and sales rates by guaranteeing their advertisement arrivals to your entire mailing list!   Don't let ISP's govern what you can make ..especially when they can send all of the eMails that they want to without getting filtered!

It's time that the advertiser , business owner and list manager have the upper hand!


The problems of sending regular eMail via the Internet today is that small words (words that come up in normal conversation) written in ANY eMail message could possibly set off ISP spam filters. This makes it very difficult for the average business owner to get his/her sales message to their client mailing lists. Believe me folks, spam filtering will get worse before it gets better! Did you know that a simple "click here" In your ad will trigger a spam filter which in turn sends your message to the trash can before your client even knows what happened? Well, it will!

Filter Buster solves the problem of ISP filtering. A simple and easy to use software will scan your ads for the words that will trigger ISP filters so that you can correct it before it is even sent solving the problem all together!


100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after you have downloaded and used the Filter Buster, you decide that it not only will save you time ,money and improve your profits, you can return it within 15 days for a prompt 100% refund! Now that's more than a guarantee, that's a promise!

Order Tonight Before Midnight and Receive The Following Free Bonus:

Free Bonus Gift ($197.00 Value) MASTER RESELL LICENSE With your purchase today you will receive Master Resell Rights absolutely free for this incredible software! Most resellers will only sell you the software...if they do offer resell rights, they are very limited in what you can do AND they charge you TOO much for them! With Filter Buster, you will be able to pay for our software /w/ MASTER resell rights without breaking your piggy bank! Make your money back on it with just one sale to your clients! (Master resell rights means that you can transfer the same rights to YOUR clients!)


- Master Resell Rights Package -

With the Master resell rights package you get :
  • The Pre-Made Sales Letter & Graphics
  • The Order Thank You Page
  • The Rights To Sell The Software And Keep All The Cash PLUS pass the same rights on to your clients!


I have chosen the pricing structure because I know and understand the limited budgets most online entrepreneurs are dealing with. I'm not here to rob you of your hard earned profits - I am simply asking a price to cover my development time!   People call me crazy because I am not charging you what I have spent for it!  As I said earlier, most software resellers are greedy and require you to purchase the product at an outrageous price PLUS pay an extra price for resell rights. Not here!

- Filter Buster V.2 LITE Edition -$19.97

With the LITE Version you get :
  • The Filter Buster LITE Software
  • Comprehensive Spam Word Database
  • New and Improved Functionality
  • Ad Editing Features
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Instructions
  • Lifetime Upgrades
  • Free Support


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I urge you to purchase the Filter Buster today to ensure the future of your online activities. It doesn't matter whether you are an eZine publisher, the average marketer, a business owner or a webmaster -- you need to have this product at your side to check your ads!

Don't let the ISP spam filters ruin your business anymore than it already has! Pick up the Filter Buster today with FREE master resell license and ensure your business success!



Best of Success,

Michelle - SDT Admin.

P.S.- Improve your sales today before it's too late! Purchase your copy today before the masses do and make 100% of the money from any sales that you make!

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