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Great call yesterday. Took lots of notes and learned some new things. Those were good points you made (Randy) about segmenting lists.

Rick Adams www.costlyonlineblunders.com

Date: 03/23/03
From: Armand Morin and Randy Charach

After 2 Hours and 23 minutes I was totally drained after spilling my guts to 323 people!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Armand Morin of www.GoGenerator.com and my Internet Marketing partner on this Exclusive call, was no other than niche marketing expert Randy Charach from www.RandyReport.com.

You have to understand... at the last minute we decided to conduct a 2 hour Internet Training Call a few Saturdays ago and we really did spill the beans on many different topics.

This call was 100% unscripted and you will listen as we talked about almost every aspect of Internet Marketing in a very candid environment. We didn't hold back a single thing, in fact, we went way over what we even intended to. You will benefit from all of this.

We recorded the whole thing!

You can now get your hands on this
EXCLUSIVE once in a lifetime event and listen to it
from the comfort of you very own home.

Well, unlike so many other 'information products" out there, this is free-flowing discussion with nothing held back. The information is current, original, honest and useful to you right now.

You see, Randy and I regularly speak on the phone privately to share their latest developments and brainstorm new ideas. And, in case you don't already know, they are two of the most successful marketers on the Internet today. Their ideas produce tangible results.

Just recently I released a new software product, www.spgenerator.com, and in just 10 days sold 442 units at $97. Randy's latest book, www.nichemagic.com has achieved rave reviews and along with other recent projects has contributed to 6 figure returns in a few short months.

  • Learn why you need to build a huge optin list. - Listen as Randy and myself discuss proven ways to build your list and some CONTROVERSIAL methods many people don't talk about.
  • Discover what the FIRST STEP is to Internet Marketing. - If you miss this one step, you might as well through everything in the bag. You are done. Do it, and you will have a long a prosperous business.
  • How do you create and Internet Marketing Buzz? - Sit back and relax as I tell exactly how to release your next product out to the market place and make every person stand up and take notice.
I was on your call Saturday night....Thanks for the great content."

Steve Wylie www.stevewylie.com

  • See why Randy became an "overnight" success online. - Randy will tell you exactly how created a huge income online in no time at all. You can do the exact same if you follow his advice.
  • What is the biggest mistake most marketers make online? - Yes, we will tell you the biggest mistake most every marketer makes and how you can save yourself from making them too.
  • Why is it important to track your website stats. - We guide your through why it is important to track all your vital website statistics and more importantly how you can do it.
"Thank you for the both honest and valuable info."

Joe Monahan mgmonahan@earthlink.net

  • Are all customers created equal? - Hear our thoughts on this topic and be amazed at what our response is. It is not what you think.
  • How to maximize Joint-Ventures and how to do it. - This is probably the most misunderstood part of marketing online. Many people have no clue how to properly get a joint venture going. We tell you what works for us.
  • What's the best way to get higher profits from the same customers? - We go into detail about how to obtain higher profits from existing and new customers every day of the week.
This is just a small portion of what you will learn. Quite honestly we were amazed ourselves as to all the different topics we covered in a 120 minutes. I know you will be amazed to.

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"Thanks so much for hosting this event and your teleseminar today. It was very helpful in sorting the smoke and mirrors from what really works!"

Dawn Holman dawnholman@earthlink.net

No B.S. we lay out there in our own way. Let's be honest... there are many ways to succeed online. We can only tell you what has worked for us. The next step is really up to you and what you do with the information once you listen to it.


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Listen to the full 120 minutes of the jam-packed interview, use the information and if you are not 100% satisfied, simply let us know and we will refund your money immediately right there one the spot. We wouldn't put such a guarantee is we didn't think this information will help you tremendously.

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There you have it. No the ball is in your court.

You can continue to market in the way you have been doing, but is that really enough? If it isn't you need to do something different. You need to educate yourself on what works and what doesn't. Then apply yourself.

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Best of Success,

Armand Morin and Randy Charach

P.S.- As a hidden bonus we will also tell you how to take this one product and generate hundreds of dollars in commissions. No bull!

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