Mega-Wealth Audio Library

Nationally acclaimed Mail Order expert and magazine columnist Shel Swartz becomes your mentor in this exciting series of informational tapes.

The Mega Wealth Pak Audio Library is a power packed album of 10 audio cassette tapes produced by Shel Swartz a nationally acclaimed veteran business writer and columnist, telling more than 300,000 people each month how to make money by mail, as well as a mail order consultant and trainer, His broadcast experience goes back to 1970. 

He has worked as a disk jockey, talk host, program producer and director, on top radio stations across the country. His syndicated radio program was on some 50 stations at once, from Connecticut to California.

He produced and directed nationally-syndicated shows such as The Pete Rose Show, The Joe Culligan Show, Craig Crossman's Computer America, and The Mike Walker Show. You couldn't personally find a more qualified mentor to provide you with the insider secrets and money making strategies you need to make it to the top! 


"When you want to become a successful mail order dealer-with the least dollar investment possible- I urge you to listen to Shel Swartz. He has real life experience to back up what he says! Nobody, teaches you in such clear, easy-to-understand language like Shel" 
Melvin Powers - mail order millionaire 
and author of the best selling books: 
"How To Get Rich in Mail Order"
"Making Money With Classified Ads."


The following titles are approximately 40 minutes in length:

  • Order-Producing Copywriting
  • Stay Home & Get Rich in Mail Order
  • Rent Order-Pulling Mailing Lists
  • Secrets to Mail Order Profits
  • Successful Info-Marketing 
  • Buy Almost Anything Below-Wholesale
  • Make $1,000/Week as a Successful IMSA
  • How to Make Money on the Internet
  • Secrets to Audio Publishing
  • How To Sell Your Products On The Radio For Free !!

But That's Not All...

Having the reprint rights to quality info products that are proven sellers can be very profitable, but here's the really exciting part...

Each cassette contains a self-executing license - verbally granted within the cassette itself. In essence you are not only selling the product but a reprint license as well Does this make it more valuable? You bet it does!

Sell them as individual titles or as a set, average retail price is around $10 per title. When you Sell just one set your license will have paid for itself. Or, you can also use individual audios as incentives or bonuses to bundle with other packages that you may be selling.

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